Back to school, back to the interpreting textbooks (but this time, with a twist!)

Yes, the Interpreter Diaries blog has been dormant of late, but I still contribute the occasional article for the blogs run by AIB (where I am a partner) and AIIC (my professional association). My latest offering, over at the AIB blog, is a review of Andrew Gillies’ excellent textbook Note-Taking for Conference Interpreting: A Short Course, which has recently been released in a second edition. Whether you are a student of interpreting, an interpreter trainer, or just someone who has been wondering how to improve your note-taking skills, I encourage you to go check it out!

Back to school, back to the interpreting textbooks (but this time, with a twist!)
– book review on the AIB blog

Interpreter Training and E-learning: A Match Made in Heaven?

DG Interpretation Conference poster

A few weeks ago, I gave a talk as part of DG Interpretation’s Universities Conference in Brussels, which was held on the theme “Modern Learning Times, New Learning Needs”. Now, the transcript of that talk has been posted on the blog run by the interpreter group AIB, of which I am a member. You’ll find it here, together with a link to the conference proceedings and recorded webstream:

Interpreter Training and E-learning: A Match Made in Heaven?

Happy reading!


Training seminar in Brazil: IT and blended learning in interpreter training

The Interpreter Diaries are off to Brazil! I’ve been asked by AIIC Brazil to run a workshop on IT and blended learning for interpreter trainers in the beautiful town of Curitiba on January 29-31, 2016.

This will be the fourth in a series of AIIC Training workshops on new technologies in interpreter training (following on from similar events held in Maputo, Paris and Seoul). The three-day course will be intensely practical, with hands-on sessions taking participants through the creation of their own online materials, guided tours of the virtual interpreting classroom, and more.

I’m told there are still four spots open on the course, so please spread the news to your colleagues in the Americas (note that attendees may be eligible to apply for a bursary to cover travel costs).

I’ll leave you with the blurb from the workshop’s registration page –  and I hope to see you in Brazil!

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IT is becoming an essential tool for students and trainers in all fields, and interpreter training can benefit enormously from technological developments. Virtual learning, a trend that has taken the world of post-secondary education by storm, can allow both established and up-and-coming interpreting programs to extend their reach while maximizing their use of resources, and enhance the training experience for both students and trainers.

In this hands-on workshop, Michelle Hof will take participants through topics such as:
Best practice in face-to-face and online interpreter training
Practical aspects of the virtual classroom and online learning platforms
Teaching and testing interpreting skills using virtual technology
Effective blended learning approaches
Leveraging online and offline resources in the interpreting classroom