The Rome Papers … or what really happened at that seminar, anyway?

I know, you’ve heard enough of training for trainers already. The thing is, I promised a colleague I would publish the links to the presentations made by Daniel Gile during the training seminar in Rome. So here they are!

In case you didn’t believe what I wrote in my past few posts, or simply didn’t read them because they were too long-winded (I don’t blame you!), here are the original Powerpoints themselves (now publicly available on the CIRIN website) to provide the definitive (or at least official) account of what really went on at that seminar:


Main Powerpoint presentation

Conclusion and prospects

Daniel dubbed the provision of these documents his “after-sales service”, which fits in nicely with my theme of old-timer Vespas and Fiats.

Or should I have gone with a pizza theme?

Anyway, I wish you happy reading. I’m on holidays this week, but I will be back soon enough with a new post (on something other than training for trainers, I promise!).

5 thoughts on “The Rome Papers … or what really happened at that seminar, anyway?

  1. Thank you for the links! I have read your posts and followed the topic on twitter and it’s almost as if I’d been there. Thanks a lot for sharing the information.

    • Thanks, Stephanie. I love following conferences and other events using hashtags on Twitter – it really does give you the feeling of being there. I’m really pleased that you felt that way reading my tweets from Rome. It made all the multitasking worthwhile 😉

  2. “I’ve heard enough of training for trainers already,” was my first thought after reading the headline 🙂 Can you read your readers minds, Michelle? 🙂 I would like to thank you for keeping my spirits up, though. I find your blog very inspiring and keep returning to your posts whenever I lose motivation to improve my skills. Please continue to publish as there are many other people who appreciate your effort as much as I do, I am sure.

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