Aspiring Interpreters: Where Will You Be Next Fall?

It may feel a bit strange to be thinking already about what you’re planning to do next autumn, seeing as how spring has only recently sprung and September seems eons away. However, if you are thinking you might like to study to become a conference interpreter, NOW is the time to be putting in applications to the postgraduate programs starting in the fall.

The University of La Laguna is no exception to this rule. The coordinators here at the Master’s in Conference Interpreting are doing most of their planning for the 2013-14 academic year as we speak. The deadline for submitting an application for next year’s program is May 15th, just under two weeks away, so if you are thinking you might like to come study under the swaying palms of La Laguna’s Guajara campus, you must get your paperwork in now.

La Laguna Guajara Campus

In case you’re wondering what it’s like to study interpreting in La Laguna, you can find a description the MIC program in a prior post here on the Diaries (Portrait of a Conference Interpreting Course). Fellow blogger Clara at Bootheando published an in-depth post on the La Laguna course not too long ago as well. You can also consult the MIC website, which offers plenty of guidance and more than a few videos explaining the ins and outs of the program (not to mention the details of the aptitude tests, among other things).

Remember, the MIC does not just train Spanish interpreters. Applications are accepted from native speakers of other major European languages such as German and English (that’s my group!). The full list of prerequisites can be found here, and details on how to apply are here.

So, aspiring interpreters: I hope to see you in La Laguna this fall!

2 thoughts on “Aspiring Interpreters: Where Will You Be Next Fall?

  1. Good info! I will have it in mind not for this September cause I have another year of uni but maybe in two years time it will be a good option to consider!

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