Chances to Join LINCS

Registration is now open for the Edinburgh Interpreting Research Summer School 2014. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about Interpreting Studies research. I attended the EIRSS last year and can’t recommend it highly enough!

Also, if you are interested in pursuing further studies in interpreting research, you should check out the PhD scholarships Heriot-Watt is offering. Four years in Edinburgh, sounds tempting… 🙂


For over two years, LifeinLINCS has brought you news, views and discussion from the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies. Now, we would like to offer you two chances to join us.

The first is our new advertisement for PhD scholarships. If you would love to study child language brokering, quality in Public Service Interpreting, police interpreting, cultural heritage or any one of a long range of topics related to translation, interpreting and culture, Heriot-Watt is the place to be. All the instructions are on the website and you will join a growing, vibrant community of passionate researchers.

In addition to that, this year, we will be running another Edinburgh International Research Summer School. The guest speakers are the internationally renowned Franz Pöchhacker and Barbara Moser-Mercer. Click on the EIRSS webpage for more info.

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