Practice makes perfect – but where do I find the speeches?

Readers of the Diaries will have noticed that I have not been very active on this blog lately. Yes, well, busy busy and all that… Still, I’m pleased to say that I have not given up writing altogether!

Just this week I produced my first piece for AIB’s new blog, Simultaneous Interpretation. It’s all about where you can go to find useful speech resources for practicing interpreting. If you’re interested in finding out more, go and check it out!

Practice makes perfect – but where do I find the speeches?

Image courtesy of winnond at

Image courtesy of winnond at

Interpreting technology: AIIC welcomes the challenge*

Remote interpreting, new technologies… and even a bit of World Cup football! These are all topics that came up in conversation the other day when I met with Thomas Binder, Chair of AIIC’s Technical and Health Committee, to discuss the past, present and future of our profession. My interview with Thomas has now been published on the AIIC Blog. Click on the link below to read more.

The AIIC Blog interviews Thomas Binder, chair of the Technical and Health Committee

*This is a reblog of a post originally published on the AIIC Blog

The spring 2014 issue of Intercambios is hot off the press!

The spring issue of “Intercambios”, the newsletter of ATA’s Spanish Language Division, is now out – and I have contibuted an article to it. If you want to know what The Sound of Music, Scientific American and virtual learning for conference interpreters have in common, then please check it out!

ATA Spanish Language Division

The latest issue of Intercambios is hot off the press!

Click here to read the newsletter

Spring 2014 Intercambios Cover

The Spring issue features:

  • From my desk, by Francesca (Fran) Samuel
  • Editorial, by Paula Irisity
  • Pequeña serenata dialectológica: el «aísmo», by Andre Moskowitz
  • Nuestro idioma de cada día, by Emilio Bernal Labrada
  • El rincón del léxico jurídico, by Ricardo Chiesa
  • Cosnautas: 6 meses de espíritu de colaboración, by José Antonio de la Riva Fort
  • Beyond filming the stage plays? Reflections on the future of online training for conference interpreters, by Michelle Hof

Read it today!

Read all past issues of Intercambios here too.


SPD members and non-members are invited to send in their contributions to be considered for future issues.

When: April 15 (submission deadline) for the Summer issue.

What: Articles, reviews, letters, tips… relevant for the translators and interpreters community (up…

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