Happy Birthday to my Blog!

It’s my blog’s first birthday today. Has it really been a year since I published my first post? Anyway, I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some of the more notable posts that have been published over the past 12 months. Here’s a selection:

A Blog is Born (my first post ever)

General Knowledge – How Much is Enough? (the all-time most popular post)

Learning Your ABCs – The Interpreter’s Languages, Part 1 (one of the most commented posts)

The Interpreter Diaries go a-blogging on IAPTI (the least-read post)

Half a Kingdom (my own personal favourite)

Only the stats, Ma’am

A visit to my statistics page tells me that the Interpreter Diaries has logged 46 posts, 515 comments, 1167 followers and just under 70,000 visits over the past year. And there’s also this lovely map of the countries showing recent views by country (wow!).

My thanks to all my readers, colleagues, friends and students who have made this past year such a rollicking ride for me, not to mention a valuable learning experience.  Here’s to another great year!