Postcard from Caracas – An Interview with the Members of Avinc

It’s time for another postcard on the Diaries!

You may recall that last fall I decided to add a bit of colour and variety to my blog by soliciting “postcards” from fellow interpreters from around the world. The first postcard I received gave readers an up-close look at the interpreting market in Toronto, Canada. Today, I’ll be sharing a postcard from Caracas, Venezuela.

The members of Avinc, the Venezuelan Association of Conference Interpreters, got together to draft some replies to my questions about the life of a conference interpreter in Venezuela. My thanks to Isabel Pieretti -Restrepo, María Pereda, Loló Gil, Danute Rosales, Raquel Yaker, Celina Romero and Angélica Márquez for all their help, and to Loló Gil for this lovely photo of Caracas!

Cerro El Avila, Caracas (photo courtesy of Loló Gil)

You’re sending this postcard from Caracas. Tell me briefly about this place.

I am sending this postcard from Caracas, Venezuela, South America.  The city is in a valley flanked by our magnificent Cerro El Avila – a mountain that silently watches the busy city life.

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