There’s a lot of demand for training in the conference interpreting world, and I try to contribute where possible to helping meet this need. Here’s a selection of short courses, training of trainers workshops and other professional development opportunities that I have organized with university and institutional partners.

If you want to be informed of future training events or have an idea for a workshop or course in your region, drop me a line at



Interpreters and technology
Summary of findings from EMCI workshop, Budapest
ToT for the Master en Interpretación de Conferencias, ULL
La Laguna (27 May 2019)

La enseñanza de la interpretación consecutiva y la toma de notas (in Spanish)
AIIC Training and Professional Development
Buenos Aires (24-25 October 2017)

Intensive workshops on IT and blended learning in interpreter training
AIIC Training
Maputo (October 2013)
Paris (June 2014)
Seoul (August 2014)
Curitiba (January 2015)

Workshop on virtual and face-to-face classroom techniques
INTTRA La Laguna, with Dick Fleming
Tenerife (September 2015)



Retour interpreting into English
Note-taking refresher
AIIC Asia Pacific
Bangkok (10 August 2019)

Técnicas de la interpretación consecutiva y la toma de notas (in Spanish)
AIIC South America
Buenos Aires (26-27-28 October 2017)

Retour interpreting into English
AIIC Training Brazil
Sao Paulo (12-13 January 2017)
Curitiba (21-22 January 2017)

Retour interpreting into English
INTTRA La Laguna, with Matthew Perret
La Laguna (September 2013 and 2014)

Preparing for accreditation tests
University of Bath, with Helen Campbell
Bath (July 2013 and 2014)

Online resources for professional development
AIIC Canada
Toronto (December 2014)