Off mic with Phil Smith: A Compendium

I am currently on my summer holidays, but that doesn’t mean that followers of The Interpreter Diaries shouldn’t have something to read, so I’ve decided to share with you a series of articles by another interpreter-writer.

“Off mic with Phil Smith” is a column written for Communicate!, the AIIC webzine. Phil Smith is a freelance conference interpreter and fellow AIIC member. In this column, he writes about just about anything, not only what he does for a living – although interpreting always manages to find its way into his articles somehow.

Phil’s articles aren’t written in the form of a blog, so unfortunately they are not all available in one place – until today, that is. After undertaking some extensive and painstaking research (actually, I just Googled “Off mic with Phil Smith”), I have put together this compendium of Phil’s articles for your enjoyment, all of which have been published in Communicate! over the last several years.

Happy reading!

Work life imbalance (summer 2005)

Relay race (September/October 2005)

Communication breakdown (November/December 2005)

Diary of a technologically novel assembly (February/March 2006)

Breakfast (May/June 2006)

A sense of loss (Summer 2006)

Looking the part (October/November 2006)

Booths (December 2006)

Private market forces (September 2007)

Little triggers (spring 2008)

Skin deep (Summer 2009)

Respect (fall 2009)

Ordem e Progresso (summer 2010)

Food for thought (fall 2010)

7 thoughts on “Off mic with Phil Smith: A Compendium

  1. After undertaking some extensive and painstaking research (actually, I just Googled “Off mic with Phil Smith”), 🙂 (no puedo parar de reir).

    Nos has dejado una buen lista de artículos de interés para leer. Menos mal que me descargué no hace mucho una maravillosa aplicación para el Tablet (Read it Later) que te genera una lista de las cosas que quieres leer pero que quieres recordar porque no tienes tiempo en ese preciso momento de leerlo. Up it goes your post to my Read it Later list!

    ¡Felices vacaciones!

  2. Uh, you’re so well organised. I just get engulfed in holidays and don’t realise until afterwards that I should have posted a sign about that on Twitter and my blog. Thanks for the reading tips and thank you Judith for the tip of Read it Later, that sounds like an app I need 🙂

  3. Thank you for your effort! 😉 These posts are hillarious and although I wanted to test the Read it later app at first, I couldn’t resist and just kept reading, other things will wait! I can’t remember when was the last time I laughed so much … a perfect summer read!
    And of course enjoy your vacations!

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