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The Interpreter Diaries blog takes readers through the different phases of an interpreter’s life and work, sharing details on everything from preparation for post-graduate training to entering the profession and beyond. It explores the journey all new interpreters take, from those first hesitant steps as students until they become established in the profession – and stops at many interesting places on the way!

Future and present students of interpreting, recent graduates, budding interpreters and the merely curious will hopefully find answers here to many of the questions they have about interpreting. Most entries have been inspired by real-life conversations about interpreting with friends, family, colleagues, and the author’s own students, and have been drafted in response to the real concerns and doubts expressed by them.

The Interpreter Diaries are “highly personal”, in that they reflect the personal views and insights of the author, based on her own experiences. And they are “anything but confidential”, because the author, just like all professional interpreters, is bound by strict rules of secrecy regarding the details of the work that she does. So readers expecting state secrets to be revealed or a diary packed with juicy insider gossip will be sorely disappointed!

That said, there is plenty to discover in The Interpreter Diaries – so read on!

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are the author’s own and should not be taken to represent the official positions of any interpreter employers, schools, secretariats or associations.

Photos credits: freedigitalphotos.net. 

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